David grew up in Ohio in a farming family which included maintaining the equipment and the beginning of working with metals. Under the tutorship of his father, Willard, Dave began shooting & hunting with hounds at the age of five.  As he grew so did his love of hunting and the outdoors.  As an adult, the lure of open spaces and adventure drew him to the southwest and Arizona.

Dave worked in construction and added to his job skills. While working as an Operating Engineer in highway construction a home workshop for hobby gunsmithing evolved.  His curiosity led him to make jacketed bullets and develop load data.  Through his own research as well as that of friends, his bullet-making led to building bench rests and varmint rifles as well as single-shot pistols.  Like so many of us, Dave was bitten by the wildcat bug which led him to re-barreling and ultimately, doing custom work.  Dave found that the membership in the Arizona Bench Rest Assoc., where he shot both heavy and light sporter classes, gave him a valuable opportunity to meet some of the best shooters, gunsmiths, and manufacturers thus increasing his own knowledge through the sharing process common to shooters.
Shooting, hunting, and experimentation eventually led to him taking custom-built guns to a gun show and returning with orders for several rifles, and a new career was formed.  He has built rifles for men, women, and children of all ages from all over, customizing them to fit the individual. This led to several magazine articles over time by interested writers for gun magazines.

Things change so we grow and change with the times, we are a full-service shop with many return customers.
 Mark Clark has a background in the Firearms industry & rocket science and Marlene works in the background to keep things organized and running smoothly as possible.
Together working as a team with over 40 years of experience.
Restoration, barrel manufacturing, custom stocks...whatever the customer can dream up we will work with them.