~Gun Work, Repairs & Custom Jobs

Clean Up and Restore Firearm ~ Labor $350.00 & Up
Custom Bluing a Pistol   165.00
Cut, Crown & Replace Front Sight & Reblue Single Action Barrel    185.00
Trigger Job on Single Action Pistol ~  Labor    80-175.00
Restock Lever Action Rifle .....Depending on the grade of wood    460.00 & Up
Bluing Lever Action Rifle    195-250.00
Rebarreling Lever Action Rifle    465-550.00
Action Job on Lever Gun     225 & Up
Shorten Barrel & Tube and Replace Front Sight on Lever Gun                   225.00& Up
Single Action Pistol Barrel     P.O.R.








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256 Winchester

  New Cylinder & Barrel